GorillaPads Non-Slip Furniture Pads/Grippers, Rubber Floor Protectors for Under Furniture, Black (2.5″ Pre-Scored)

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GorillaPad furniture grippers by Slipstick are the universal solution to stop your furniture or décor from unwanted sliding and protect your floors from damage. GorillaPads feature a highly durable rubber foam outer layer that provides an unparalleled grip between the bottom of furniture and the floor surface and have a dark brown 0.2” thick solid felt core to prevent furniture from puncturing through. Pads do not leave marks on floors/surfaces and are safe for use on all hard surfaces such as hardwood floors, counter tops, shelves and more. Includes 8 black non-slip pads that are 2-1/2” in diameter and 5/16” thick (Pads compress down to 1/8″ thick with weight of furniture). This pack also includes 8 self-stick adhesive backings for optional attachment of pads to furniture (can be used with or without adhesive backing). Each pad is pre-scored for easy cutting to 2 size and shape options which include 2.5” Square, 2.5” Circle, 1.75” Square and 1.75” Circle. Perfect for use under any furniture piece or object such as couch sectionals, sofas, beds, tables, TVs, computer monitors, end tables, and anything you want to keep in place or protect from damaging the surface it rests on.
MIGHTY GRIP THAT WONT SLIP – GorillaPad Furniture Grippers by Slipstick are the universal solution to stop unwanted movement or sliding of furniture / objects and effectively protect hard surfaces from scratches or damage
IDEAL FLOOR PROTECTORS FOR FURNITURE LEGS – These floor protecting rubber pads stop sliding and keep furniture in place – perfect for use under furniture feet, couch legs, sofa legs, table legs, sectionals, bed posts and more
WORKS ON ALL HARD FLOORS / SURFACES – These anti-skid floor guards protect all hard surfaces from scratches and damage. Great protection for hardwood floors, laminate, tile, LVT, marble, linoleum, concrete and more
PRE-SCORED TO 2 SIZES / SHAPES – Includes 8 square non slip pads that are 2-1/2 inch in diameter and are pre-scored for easy cutting to 2-1/2 inch round pads, 1-3/4 inch square pads or 1-3/4 inch round pads (includes optional adhesive backings for self-stick attachment to furniture feet)
PUNCTURE PROOF 3-LAYER DESIGN – GorillaPads feature a specially formulated anti slip rubber outer layer that provides maximum grip between both furniture and floor and have a puncture proof 0.2 inch thick solid felt core (pads are 5/16” thick and compress down to 1/8″ thick with weight of furniture)