Moisture Absorber Tub with Activated Charcoal – 6-Pack – 10.5 oz Disposable Odor Eliminator Box & Dehumidifier for Garage, Home, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Closet, Cars, and Boats



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Welcome to AbsorbPro – home of the best moisture absorbers. We are your trusted partner in creating a fresh and comfortable living or working space. We offer high-quality, professional-grade moisture absorbers designed to efficiently and effectively eliminate moisture and unpleasant odor. Experience the difference with AbsorbPro, where excellence meets innovation for a moisture-free, revitalized space.

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Absorbs Excess Moisture: Our moisture absorber and deodorizer box contains spherical calcium chloride for maximum absorption. Once moisture is absorbed, it is stored in the robust water catchment area.
Keeps Air Fresh and Clean: Our odor eliminator tubs excel in maintaining optimal dryness and freshness, efficiently trapping moisture from the air and eliminating odors. Enhanced by activated charcoal, they provide a dual-action solution for a consistently fresh and clean environment.
Versatile Usage: Our activated charcoal absorber tubs are ideal for your home, closet, bedroom, bathroom, gun safes, car, pantry, trucks, boats, storage bins, and any space where you store valuables.
Enjoy Enduring Freshness: Experience sustained, long lasting freshness and effectiveness of our 10.5 oz dehumidifier tub with activated charcoal, designed to last for an impressive period of up to 3 months, depending on ambient temperature and humidity levels.
Easy to Use: Simply remove the lid and tear off the foil. Then, replace the lid on the container securely. Place the tub on any flat surface and enjoy fresh and clean air. Once the calcium chloride crystals have been dissolved, simply throw away.