stands for “ordered list” in HTML and is used to create a numbered list of items. It is one of the three types of lists available in HTML, the other two being

    for unordered lists and

    for definition lists.

    When using

    , each item in the list is denoted by the

  • tag, which stands for “list item.” The list items are automatically numbered in ascending order, starting from 1 by default, but this can be modified using the start attribute in the opening

    is commonly used for presenting information in a structured and organized manner. It is useful for creating lists of steps, instructions, rankings, or any other type of content that needs to be displayed in a sequential order.

    Here is an example of how

    can be used in HTML:

    1. First item
    2. Second item
    3. Third item

    This code would result in the following numbered list:

    1. First item
    2. Second item
    3. Third item


    can be customized using CSS to change the appearance of the list, such as the numbering style, size, color, or alignment. This allows for greater flexibility in design and presentation.

    In summary,

    is a valuable tool for creating ordered lists in HTML. It provides a clear and structured way to present information in a sequential manner and can be easily customized to fit the desired look and feel of a webpage.

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